Our February issue is brimming with top-quality sport and travel with everything you need to know for a Fieldy adventure at home or abroad. We reveal our list of the top Spanish partridge shoots to visit. Whether you are looking for sky-high driven birds or more traditional Spanish partridges, these premier estates offer an experience of a lifetime and Douglas Tate reveals the Spanish gunmakers leading a renaissance with their quality craftsmanship. We visit the Okavango where Sam Carlisle battles with tigerfish and Neil Cross extols the virtue of a sundowner. Georgina Preston gallops with gauchos in Argentina while Gabriel Stone looks at the rise in popularity of private jet charter flights among the fieldsports fraternity.


Closer to home Sarah Farnsworth rides out with the Dartmoor hounds and we hear the stories of those lucky enough to have achieved The Field’s Macnab Challenge in 2023. Sir Johnny Scott advises young Fielders how to succeed drey poking and we interview the renowned hotelier Sir Rocco Forte about his love of shooting. All this and much, much more.